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Cupping theory

Hijaama in arabic is derived from the arabic word ‘Hajm’ which means sucking.

Cupping is of three types

Wet cupping

Is a method of relieving local congestion by applying a partial vacuuum which is created in a cup or cups by suction. This is the process of using a vacuum at different points on the body but with small incisions in order to remove ‘harmful’ blood which lies beneath the surface of the skin the bad blood is discarded, and the body part which cupping was done on, is then cleaned.

Dry cupping

Is the process of using a vacuum in different areas of the body in order to gather the blood in that area without incisions.

Dry massage cupping

Is similar to dry cupping but olive oil is applied to the skin in order to allow easy movement of the cups 70% of dieses are due to the blood being unable to reach certain parts of the body . Dry cupping and dry massage cupping allow the blood to reach these places. Hujaamah is generally performed by muslims as it is a form of medicine specifically mentioned and encouraged by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The messenger Rasulullah said ‘indeed the best of remedies is cupping (Hijaamah).’

Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree(5371)

Abdullah ibn abbas reported that the messenger said ‘Healing is in three things: in the incision of the cupper, in drinking honey, and in cauterising with fire, but I forbid my nation from cauterisation with fire. ‘-Saheeh al-Bukhaaree

Abu Hurairah RA reported that Rasullullah SAW said ‘Whoever performs cupping on the 17th, 19th, or 21st day of the islamic lunar month ,then it is a cure for every disease.’ Saheeh Abu Dawud (3861)

Abu-Hurairah RA reported that the messenger Rasulullah said ‘if their was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it Is cupping (Hijaamah).’ Sahee Abu Dawud.  

Enhances General Health of the body Relieves Pain Allows 80% elimination of substances that cause pain Improves Blood Circulation Detoxifies the BodyPurifies the BloodSharpens the EyesightImproves MemoryEnhances IntellectStrengthens Immune SystemReduces StressReduces depression & sadness by releasing chemicals in the brainImproves physical & mental health conditionsBuilds up the body's natural resistance to illnessesRemoves poison from bites etc.Allows tissues to release toxins and removes toxin through surface of the skin (detox)Improves Blood flow & lymph flow to the corresponding organ & activates its functionRelieves muscles spasms, hardening or stiffness of muscular tissueBenefits muscular pains by relaxing spastic muscle fibresReduces unwanted side affects of drugs, removes their residue and reduces risk of drug toxicity

Dry Massage Cupping is similar to dry cupping but olive oil is applieed to the skin in order toallow easy movement of the cups


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